Humble Weekly Bundle (Includes Nuclear Dawn, StarDrive & More) *Expired*


This week the Humble Weekly Bundle is presented by Iceberg Interactive.

Pay what you want and get:

  • Nuclear Dawn (PC – Win/Mac/Linux)
  • The Lost Crown (PC – Win)
  • Star Ruler (PC – Win)
  • Blades of Time Limited Edition (PC – Win/Mac)

Pay more than the current average of $3.43 (R40) to unlock:

  • StarDrive (PC – Win)
  • Horizon (PC – Win)
  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme (PC – Win)

Pay more than $25 (R291) to unlock:

  • Starpoint Gemini (PC – Win)

Each game in the bundle can be redeemed on Steam.

The bundle expires on the 18/12/2014.