Xbox Store Weekly Deals (Incl. Castles (X1) – R32, Zombie Army Trilogy (X1) – R109 & more)

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Zombie Army Trilogy

Deals with Gold:

Xbox One

Prices exclusive to gold members only.

Offers end the 04/04/2017.

  • Jonathan van de Wouw

    Some week’s the “Deals with Gold” and “Spotlight Sales” are veritable deserts, then at other times we’re face with a sheer overload of excellent titles, such as this week. Have already purchased Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY, Need for Speed and Inside, don’t have nearly enough time to get through those but still have my eyes on Witness, Oxenfree and Titanfall 2. Never mind the backwards compatible stuff….

    • Yeah some week’s the sales are pretty meh and others they are loaded with awesome deals. I couldn’t resist buying Inside yesterday.

      • Jonathan van de Wouw

        Really eager to get to it, downloaded overnight so it’s ready and waiting, just hope the hype train hasn’t set impossibly high standards for it. And 3-4 hours to complete it should be just right.

  • Joe Moer

    I’m new to Xbox One so need a bit of help. I got a voucher that entitles me to 1 month Xbox llive, does this mean if I activate it I’ll have access to these deals and secondly do I need to stay subscribed to keep the games? Sorry I’m a PS person so everything is a bit new.

    • Yes, if you’re a gold member you will have access to gold exclusive deals. If you decide to buy them and your gold sub expires they are still yours to keep and play.

      • Joe Moer

        Thanks man, much appreciated.