Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale (Up to 67% off Xbox One & Xbox 360 titles) *Expired*

Xbox Store

Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale

The Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale kicks off on the 5th of July, with up to 67% off Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. Xbox Live Gold members also get an extra 10% off during the sale. Check out the list below for all the pricing you can expect once the sale goes live.

Xbox One:

Xbox 360:

*Price exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members

The sale ends the 11/07/2016.

  • Afzal Modi

    Hi there, I tried searching for Life is Strange Complete Season – The price is reflected as R169.
    and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – The price is reflected as R249.

    But then, I realised that the sale only starts tomorrow 😛

    • Yep the sale prices should go live tomorrow morning :).

  • TheRealpvs

    i want Doom, but i wonder if its to soon

    • Afzal Modi

      Doom is currently on sale on the xbox store for R499.

      • TheRealpvs

        nice !
        think its worth it 🙂
        gonna grab it !

  • Walter Green

    Your prices for Assassins Creed Syndicate are wrong.
    Gold Edition = R477.10
    Standard = R366.80

    • Thanks for the heads up. It’s suppose to be 40% / 50% off, but the discount is less on the SA Store.

      • Walter Green

        Wonder why?