WeChat’s Green Friday Sale (Console Bundles from R1999) *Expired*



PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console + 3 Games – R3549

Xbox One 500GB Console + FIFA 17R1999

Xbox One 500GB Console + FIFA 17 + Extra ControllerR2999

Green is the new black! WeChat in partnership with Incredible Connection are offering their customers massive savings on two of the best gaming consoles on the market. WeChat Wallet customers can buy a Sony Playstation 4 500GB Slim console + Doom + GOW + V Rossi 17 Bundle for only R3549 or an Xbox One 500 GB console + FIFA 17  for only R1999 when paying using your WeChat Wallet.

On Friday 25 November 2016 at 09:00AM WeChat will post the #GreenFriday QR codes to our social media channels. Customers must scan the QR code using WeChat to enter the #GreenFriday shop.

Limited stock will be available.

The sale starts at 9:00 AM on the 25/11/2016.

  • LightJak101

    So how do I actually buy this?

    • Scan the QR code on the ad using the WeChat app. It will take you to the product page. Currently it’s out of stock since it only goes live on Friday.

      • LightJak101

        Awesome, thanks 🙂

      • Richard

        Where is WeChat Shop ? Do they take telephone orders

        • lol Richard, trying to throw off the competition?

          • Richard

            Maybe I should strangle you as well bud… Enjoy this deal will last for 40 seconds

          • ArkhamBean

            That reminds me of Groupon and look how they ended up

        • SauRoN

          WeChat is pretty much just a payment gateway for whoever really runs the promotion.

          Incredible Connection in this case.

      • Hiro

        Where I should the QR code ? Don’t see it on ad

      • Damian Kohl

        Once bought, is it couriered to me, or collected somewhere like incredible connection?

        • It would be shipped to you. If you check out the R2999 bundle ad it says that there is free shipping in SA.

          • Damian Kohl

            Thank you!

  • Mlungisi Mdyaro


  • Brandon Li

    so i have never thought i would consider buying something off wechat lol. how safe/legit is this though? any warrantee ?

    • If you read the terms and conditions you’ll see that Incredible Connection handles this specific deal.

      • Brandon Li

        apologies, actually saw that after i posted.

        • No problem. You shouldn’t have any issues. Though I’m sure the sale will be over pretty quick with these prices :p.

  • The_Ghost_Skull

    Ok, just some help here but how do we go about buying? where do i go to scan the code?

    • Saajid S

      You need to use WeChat App. You also need to activate wechat wallet in the app. You can link your card to your wechat wallet so that it charges it to your card directly. You use the QR Code scanner in the app to scan the QR Code…that will take you directly to the offer for purchase. You can only redeem this offer through the wechat IM app…

      • The_Ghost_Skull

        ok cool, makes sense. kinda got that part figured out that i can only buy via the app. But where will the QR code be? I am buying on for my friend.

        • Saajid S

          Currently, the link in the article for the XB1 and extra controller bundle has the QR code in the image that loads up (attached a copy of the link here as well for your convenience)


          I test the QR code from above, it goes to the store and lists it as out of stock as the deals only go live on friday.

          The others will generally be released closer to the time and possibly on the wechat website where the promotions are listed.

          Hope this helps…

          • Hamzah Meeran

            So the rest of the qr codes for the other specials will come out on the Friday

  • Darnell van Wyk

    Do I need to top up my wechat balance or will I be able to nake this payment by linking my card to wechat?
    Also, if I top up my wechat balance, am I able to send the money back to my card?

    • You only need to link your CC if I’m not mistaken. Check out the Wallet FAQ here: https://wechat.co.za/department/wallet/

    • Saajid S

      You can link your card to the wechat wallet and charge it directly to your card instead of using your wechat balance. Just ensure to have all the additional payment security methods setup…visa uses the 3D Secure/verified by visa – enabled and configured for your card as it will require this to be enabled.

  • miguel

    So the QR code will be posted on the promotion section on WeChat co.za

  • Peter-Ross Cuthbert

    So I’m wondering whether the price above is the amount that will be taken from your card? or whether they do like a rebate type thing with your wallet?

    • Saajid S

      i purchased the p9 lite they had on offer recently, the amount that comes out is the advertised discounted amount…and not the full amount and then a rebate…so, the p9 lite was advertised at 50% off for R2649 (i think) and the normal retail being R5299 or thereabouts…and the amount that came off my card was R2649.

      • Peter-Ross Cuthbert

        Awesome 🙂 Thanks for the reply

  • PeterV

    Hmmm if I check on the wechat site, it states that there are only 10 units available at this price. Can anyone confirm whether it’s 10 or 200 like the pic above states?

    • Think that was a mistake. It now states “There are 120 units available for PS4 bundle, and 200 units for the Xbox bundle. Units are limited to 1 item per custom.”

  • Vernon Govender

    Anyone have the QR code for the ps4 bundle offer? Or know where I can find the QR code?

  • Omar

    I’m not totally understanding?
    Will I need my laptop and my phone open?
    Hence to use the app on my phone to scan the qr code on the website on my laptop?

    • Yeah that is right. The QR codes will be posted on WeChats Social media channels.

      • Omar

        Oh cool makes sense now. Social media meaning their website only, or would they split it between Twitter, fb Ect?

        • Yeah probably the website, Twitter, Facebook etc. Best to have all those links open tomorrow morning to be safe.

  • Aarif Rasool

    So do I need to load money into my wechat wallet before hand or can I just use my card?

    • Just linking your card to the wallet is enough.

      • Aarif Rasool

        Ok cool. Thanks buddy