US PS Store Black Friday Sale 2017 (Up To 60% Off PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Games) *Expired*

US PlayStation Store

US PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale

US PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale:

Offers end the 28/11/2017.

Note: You can top up your US PSN account with vouchers via Amazon.

  • Michael M. Tolsma

    So… How do us Africans get this? Horizon zero dawn for R280 is a steal

    • Thomas Morrison

      You just need to create a US PSN account and then buy digital codes from either or

  • shyguy_2046

    Last year there was a 20 percent discount code. (Not sure if they will do it again). Rather wait for the code (if it comes) . But be sure to be signed to the newsletter as that’s where the discount code comes

    • Grant Botha

      Thanks, how exactly do I sign up for these newsletters? I have the two email notification boxes checked in the account settings but I don’t receive any mails from Sony. I couldn’t find a form or anything on the psn store.

      • shyguy_2046

        They send newsletters to the email address you registered for the us psn account . Think that is the way (now) but I signed up when I made the account so it was different then. But I could be mistaken. Just did a Google search and Alot don’t get the newsletter

        • Grant Botha

          Yeah, I seen those threads too. It kinda sucks, but I guess there must be some criteria that needs to be met. I’ve only bought 1 game from psn since I got the ps4

          • shyguy_2046

            I got a few games but if u can get Borderlands handsome jack edition. That’s worth it if under R200 . Bang for your buck