US PlayStation Store TGI Black Friday + Flash Sale (Up to 70% off PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Games) *Expired*

US PlayStation Store


TGI Black Friday Sale:

Flash Sale:

Get an extra 10% off with the following coupon code:


  • D9NGJ7NF3L

The code is valid for one use only.

Offers end the 29/11/2016.

To access the US web store you need to be signed out of your SA account, otherwise it will redirect you. You can loads funds onto your US PSN account by buying vouchers from Amazon.

  • Silver King

    Seems their servers are overloaded. Takes forever to get the page loaded.

  • bokka1

    Hopefully we get a similar sale on our store.

  • Neil Edward Patrick Hart

    What usually happens is that our store has the same sale but converted already? Do we need to buy PSN vouchers for our US accounts?

    • The SA Store usually has different items on sale compared to the US Store. If you want to top up your US account you need to buy US vouchers from Amazon.

      • Neil Edward Patrick Hart

        Yeah, contemplating it 🙂 I will see if the SA store has similar deals on the games I want. Nothing really tickles my fancy besides Batman Arkham Knight. If its not on sale on our store I may just get it via US. How long does it take Amazon to send your codes for vouchers?

        • They send the codes via email pretty much instantly.

          • Thomas Morrison

            PCGameSupply also has $10 PSN codes for cost price and you can pay with PayPal so that’s awesome(-:

  • Yaseen Lockhat

    Is pcgamesupply a legit site? Any idea what Sa banks charge for conversion? having issues purchasing psn cards from amazon.