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The Fall

The Fall (Xbox One)R19.35

Take the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence within a high-tech combat suit. The Fall is a unique combination of adventure-game puzzle solving and side-scroller action, all set within a dark and atmospheric story. Get ready for a disturbing journey as you explore the world of The Fall.

On sale for a limited time only.

  • Thanks guys! I had GBP1.56 left over in my account after I converted my UK account to a ZA one over a year ago, and I got a message saying that it would expire this month, but there wasn’t anything on the marketplace cheap enough to spend it on (and I can’t load a credit card for GBP to pay the balance). This game is GBP1.20 on the UK marketplace now, so I picked it up before my balance expired!

    • No problem :). It’s well worth the price.