Tales of Zestiria (PC) – R92 | Bandai Namco Store *Expired*

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Tales of Zestiria (PC) – $6.79* (R92)

In a world torn by war and political skirmishes, accept the burden of the Shepherd and fight human darkness to protect your world from Malevolence and reunite humans and Seraphim.

*Use the voucher “BNE15OFF” at the checkout.

Steam activated. 

On sale for a limited time only.

  • Silver King


  • Silver King

    They don’t have South Africa under account creation list :-(. What now?

    • Sorry I should have mentioned. You need to use a US address. But it works with SA PayPal. More info here: https://www.steamgifts.com/discussion/6I9Dl/tales-of-zestiria-679-after-coupon-on-bandainamco-store-steam-key-other-games-also-on-sale

      • Silver King

        Refresh fixed it is seems.

        Edit: And I got it.

        • Yeah I just tried and the PayPal option is there. Let me know if you get the code successfully.

          • Silver King

            Did get it (was well hidden lol). Ironically South Africa is available under the verification page. Seems it’s a sale limited to a hand full of countries.

          • Nice. It’s a damn good price!

          • Silver King

            Indeed. Also taking tales of Symphonia. Have a PS3 copy, but to damn lazy to set up the console :-). Code seems to be for a single use only.

          • Silver King

            Know where I can get “Tales of Zestiria – Additional Chapter: Alisha’s Story”DLC on sale?

          • Looks like you might have to wait for a Steam sale. Don’t think it’s sold anywhere else.