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Streets of Rage joins the SEGA Forever Classic Collection

SEGA Forever is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA game ever

Felis (iOS) – FREE | App Store

Felis (iOS) – FREE You are the cats’ only salvation. Free them from their traps and

The Frostrune (iOS) – FREE | App Store *Expired*

The Frostrune (iOS) – FREE Unravel a mystery inspired by Viking myth and legend in The

Sonny (iOS) – FREE | App Store

Sonny (iOS) – FREE When Sonny rises from the dead with his mind intact and his

kubic (iOS) – FREE | App Store

kubic (iOS) – FREE kubic is a unique optical illusion puzzle game based on M.C. Escher’s

Game Studio Tycoon 3 (iOS) – FREE | App Store *Expired*

Game Studio Tycoon 3 (iOS) – FREE It’s a dream of every amateur and pro gamer

Astrå (iOS) – FREE | App Store *Expired*

Astrå (iOS) – FREE Astrå is the adventure of Hemera, the goddess of daylight. Help her

Motorsport Manager – FREE | Google Play & App Store *Expired*

Motorsport Manager (Android) – FREE Motorsport Manager (iOS) – FREE Become the manager of a high-performance