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Napoleon: Total War (PC) – R24 | Humble Store *Expired*

Napoleon: Total War (PC – Win/Mac) – $2 (R24) Steam activated. Offer ends the 22/06/2015.

Humble Store Spring Sale (PC) (Includes Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition – R59, System Shock 2 – R12 & more) *Expired*

The Humble Store Spring Sale is now on with hundreds of games discounted for the next

Humble Store Shooter Sale (PC) (Includes System Shock 2 – R18, Painkiller: Black Edition – R30, Insurgency – R91 & more) *Expired*

This week on the Humble Store you can get up to 90% off shooter titles. Includes:

Humble Store RPG Sale (PC) (Includes Grim Dawn – R181, Legend of Grimrock – R45, Arcania & Gothic Bundle – R121 & more) *Expired*

This weekend on the Humble Store there is a nice selection of RPG games on sale.

Humble Store 2K Weekend: Get Spec Ops: The Line for FREE when you buy any 2K game. (Incl. CIV III Complete – R15) *Expired*

This weekend on the Humble Store you can save up to 83% off 2K games. Plus

Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC) – R36 | Humble Store *Expired*

Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC – Win/Mac/Linux) – $2.99 (R36) Steam activated + DRM-FREE. Offer ends

Humble Store Square Enix Sale (PC) (Includes Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – R86, Hitman Collection – R115 & more) *Expired*

This week on the Humble Store there are big savings on Square Enix titles. Includes: Deus

Dead Island Franchise Pack (PC) – R87 | Humble Store *Expired*

Dead Island Franchise Pack (PC) – $7.49 (R87) Includes: Dead Island (Win/Mac/Linux) Dead Island Riptide (Win)