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Hyper Light Drifter (PC) – R94 | Humble Store

Hyper Light Drifter (PC/Mac) – $7.99 (R94) Echoes of a dark and violent past resonate throughout

Amnesia Collection (PC) – Free | Humble Store *Expired*

Amnesia Collection (PC/Mac) – Free Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a first person survival horror. A game

Elite Dangerous: Commander DE (PC) – R292 | Humble Store *Expired*

Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition (PC/Mac) – $23.99 (R292) Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space

Planet Coaster (PC) – R137 | Humble Store *Expired*

Planet Coaster (PC) – $11.24 (R137) Planet Coaster – the future of coaster park simulation games

The Red Solstice (PC) – Free | Humble Store *Expired*

The Red Solstice (PC) – Free 2280 A.D. The last few survivors of a ruined Earth

The Evil Within Bundle (PC) – R124 | Humble Store *Expired*

The Evil Within (PC) – $4.99 (R62) The Evil Within Bundle (PC) – $9.99 (R124) Developed

Layers of Fear + Soundtrack (PC/Mac) – FREE | Humble Store *Expired*

Layers of Fear + Soundtrack (PC/Mac) – FREE Dare you help paint a true Masterpiece of

Company of Heroes 2 (PC/Mac) – FREE | Humble Store *Expired*

Company of Heroes 2 (PC/Mac) – FREE The original Company of Heroes 2 game gives you access to