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Slayer Bundle (PC) (Incl. Tropico 5, Day of Infamy, Savage Lands & more) – R73 | Fanatical

Slayer Bundle Bundle Blast ends with a Big Bang! The brand new Slayer Bundle has landed

Infinity Bundle (PC) (Incl. Space Run, Dex, Tharsis & more) – R52 | Fanatical

Infinity Bundle – $3.49 (R52) A bundle that has no limits when it comes to Steam

F.E.A.R. Complete Bundle (PC) – R59 | Fanatical

F.E.A.R. Complete Bundle – $3.99 (R59) Dive into one of the best FPS horror series to

Insurgency (PC/Mac) – R7 | Fanatical *Expired*

Insurgency (PC/Mac) – $0.49 (R7) Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team’s

Anthology Racing Bundle (PC) (Incl. Table Top Racing, Zero Gear & more) – R46 | Fanatical

Anthology Racing Bundle – $2.99 (R46) Includes: BARRIER X (PC) Drift Streets Japan (PC) GT Legends

Shenmue I & II (PC) – R343 | Fanatical *Expired*

Shenmue I & II (PC) – $23.99 (R343) SEGA’s most requested re-release of all time finally

Fully Loaded 5 Bundle (PC) (Incl. Spirits of Xanadu, Shelter & more) – R28 | Fanatical

Fully Loaded 5 Bundle – $1.99 (R28) The name says it all! Including two new-to-bundle, feast

Icewind Dale + Planescape Torment (PC) – R88 | Fanatical *Expired*

Icewind Dale + Planescape Torment (PC) – $5.99 (R88) Prepare to embark on a journey filled