Seagate Expansion 2TB 2.5″ Portable HDD – R1099 | CNA *Expired*



Seagate Expansion 2TB 2.5″ Portable HDDR1099.90

The Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive is sleek, slim and easy to use, with a huge 2 terabytes of storage, simple connectivity and an elegant black casing making it an ideal laptop accessory when you’re on the go.

Online only deal. Includes free shipping.

Offer valid today only.

  • Nucleous

    Is it for real online only? or like all other CNA online only deals which you can get instore?

  • m3n4ce

    πŸ™ Out of stock

    • Back in stock :).

      • m3n4ce

        Awesome! Just placed my order. Thank you!

        • Nucleous

          Just wanted to come say it’s back in stock. LOL. Also placed my order.

  • Sahil Lala

    Makro has the same drive for R1199 btw

    • Thanks saw that. Maybe it will be even cheaper during their Black Friday Sale.