Rzone Gaming Sale (Incl. Metro: Complete Redux (PS4) – R129, Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita) – R10 & More) *Expired*


Metro Redux

Rzone has just marked down quite a large selection of games on various platforms. Stock is probably limited. I’ve also noticed that they’ve been adding more listings to their site on a regular basis. So more deals could pop up in the future.

Update: Looks like all the listings were removed. Check in store at Reggie’s and Toys R Us for more deals. Just scan the price at the till to check if an item is on sale. Amiibos are also selling for R10.

Rzone Gaming Sale:

Rzone offers free shipping on orders over R350.

The sale prices should also reflect in store at Toys R Us and Reggie’s.

  • Lupe

    great deals,too bad they don’t allow a payment method other than credit

  • mujabees

    Looks like they took all the content of the site.

    • Yeah the site is quite broken at the moment.

  • Darryn Cerfontyne

    None of the links work at all. Searched for “Xbox” and the game names on Reggies, RZone, Toys R Us, etc, but nothing. Eish!

    • Yeah looks like all the listings were removed yesterday. You can still check in store though.

  • Silver King

    Can confirm in store PS4 and X1 games are normal priced. Including the ones listed.

    • Thanks. The sale must be over.

  • Silver King

    Was at East Gate and Green stone Toys R Us. Nothing at East gate, but I scored big at Green stone getting 3DS games for R5 each and Amibo Figures for R10 each. They also had Trap team starter kits for 3DS for R5 each and X1 for R65 each. Needless to say I have lots of 3DS games now :-). The PS3/4 and 360/X1 for R5 each game was yesterday only and they even sold 2DS consoles for R100 each.

    • Geez you got lucky. They really are cleaning out most of their gaming stock. Strange they didn’t even mention the sale.