ReCore (PC/X1 Digital) – R256 | Amazon *Expired*



ReCore (PC/Xbox One) – $19.99 (R256)

As one of the last remaining humans on a planet controlled by robotic foes bent on your destruction, you must forge friendships with a courageous group of robot companions, each with unique abilities and powers. Lead this band of unlikely heroes on an epic adventure through a mysterious, dynamic world. You can’t save mankind alone.

Please Note:

  • This is the digital version. 
  • The key activates worldwide.

On sale for a limited time only.

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  • Thanks, man!

  • DiegoZN

    It’s not allowing me to purchase as Amazon says it’s for US customers only

    • You need to use a US Billing address on your Amazon account. Just grab a random address via Google. It will still work with your SA card when you place the order.

      • DiegoZN

        Ah ok, thanks bro!

  • Armand Morne Theron

    This is cheaper on the XBOX us store $16.23 = R238

    • If I’m not mistaken you would still have to buy a $20 Xbox Store voucher to buy it from the US Store?

      • Armand Morne Theron

        Nope … just need a credit card or paypal account 😉 I used my Visa
        And then of course supplying a US billing address