PlayStation TV – R199 | Toys R Us *Expired*

Toys R Us

PlayStation TV

PlayStation TVR199.90

The link above will be updated once the website listing has been added tomorrow.

Available in store and online. While stocks last.

Offer is valid from the 09/10/2015 to 12/10/2015.

Update: It sold out within seconds online. Check your local store for stock.

  • Richard

    Correct all sold out. I wonder how many they had on hand

    • Not sure. Most stores had stock but they sold out damn quickly.

  • The Stig

    i phoned a toy r us store and the people there didnt even know what the playstation tv was LOL

    • Did you manage to get one at least? I store I went to didn’t even know that it was on sale.

      • The Stig

        apparently they had a look and “they dont have in stock”
        i doubt they even knew what i was looking talking about.
        they lady i spoke too thought i was an actual tv.

      • david

        Same here, they didn’t even know what is was. I managed to get 5 instore if anyone is interested.

        • The Stig


  • The Stig

    GAME has it for R855 LOL
    CNA R899 LOL

    apparently they only had 20 units for the whole of SA when the sale started