Nemesis Bundle 5 (PC) (Incl. Space Hulk Ascension, GALAK-Z & more) – R59 | Fanatical *Expired*


Nemesis Bundle 5

Nemesis Bundle 5

Vanquish your foes in the brand new Nemesis Bundle 5, exclusive to Fanatical! Whether it’s training potatoes to become the next top blacksmiths or hunting down rodent-like monsters and the Demonic Rhogar Legion – this action-packed bundle will keep you on your toes.

Tier 1 – Pay $1 (R12):

Tier 2 – Pay $4.99 (R59) – Incl. above:

Tier 3 – Pay $9.99 (R119) – Incl. above:

All the games are Steam activated.

Offer ends the 07/02/2018.