Life is Strange Episode 1 (Various Platforms) – FREE

Life is Strange Episode 1 is now available to play forΒ FREEΒ and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Steam.


  • Hey Lonthor, so I have been refreshing the Steam page all day for this game. It’s still paid as of a couple minutes ago. Apparently the change will only take place at 6pm in America today, according to this message from the Devs: “The game will be free from tomorrow (the 21st) onwards. Usually the Store updates around 6pm BST / 10am PST, which is why I hadn’t announced it here yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the official Steam Announcement tomorrow!”

    I really enjoyed this game and have been looking forward to sending out the link to friends (and also making more awareness for your page in the process). Your page to run how you will, but I think once the pc version is free it’s worth another news bump tomorrow so people notice it. Just my five cents.

    • Yeah it should go free on Steam at 7PM when the store updates. Will update this post when it does :).

  • MrYuuZA

    Thanks, grabbed it on all platforms. I see director’s commentary on PC/PS3/PS4 but not on Xbox One/360. Always a pleasure knowing about these. Enjoy the weekend πŸ™‚