Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle (Incl. Endless Legend, Borderlands: GOTY & more) *Expired*

Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle

Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle

These lands are your lands, these lands are my lands. In this bundle, entire worlds are yours to create, explore, and conquer! Get lost in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Endless Legend – Classic Edition, Guild of Dungeoneering, and more. With over 300 average hours of playtime combined, we think you’ll be endlessly entertained.

Pay $1 (R14) or more to unlock:

Pay more than the average to unlock:

Pay $10 (R137) or more to unlock:

All the games in the bundle are Steam activated. 

Offer ends the 24/10/2017 at 8:00 PM SAST.

  • v3rt1g0

    Nice. Wanted to start Borderlands for a while and see what all the hype is about. Thanks @Lonthor.

    • Yeah the $1 tier is a no-brainier if you haven’t played Borderlands yet :).

  • ArkhamBean

    My PC may be a potato but I still pounced on that $5 tier

  • Jonathan van de Wouw

    Just wish they’d release these bundles cross-platform (know that would be difficult but still)