Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle (Incl. DiRT Rally, Toybox Turbos, F1 2016 & more)

Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle

Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle

This bundle is Formula Fun. Codemasters is here with a sweet bundle of racing games! Get DiRT Rally, F1 2016, GRID 2, and many more games (plus lots of DLC). Iconic cars. Refined handling. New circuits. Custom events. It’s all here!

Pay $1 (R14) or more to unlock:

Pay more than the average to unlock:

Pay $15 (R205) or more to unlock:

All the games in the bundle are Steam activated. 

Offer ends the 18/12/2017 at 9:00 PM SAST.

  • Captain JJ

    Humble Bundle sure has changed under IGN. You never used to get coupons and DLC for games that you’d still need to buy separately. All this does is it stops me from buying the bundle at all, as I’m not willing to buy both those other games right now. Farewell humble bundle of old, you used to be great.