Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle (Incl. Okami HD, Remember Me, Resident Evil HD & more) *Expired*

Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle

Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle

Pay $1 (R14) or more to unlock:

Pay more than the average to unlock:

Pay $15 (R210) or more to unlock:

The games in the bundle are region locked to North and South America. So you’ll need a US PSN account to redeem the keys. More info here.

The bundle expires the 06/09/2016 at 8:00 PM SAST.

  • Silver King

    Well I will be geting this 🙂

    • Yeah it’s quite a nice bundle :). Pity it’s region locked to the America’s, so some people will miss out.

      • Silver King

        Yep. Luckily PayPal crashed on me. Did not buy these. I am not one to have multiple accounts.