Games on sale from R19 via Incredible Connection *Expired*

Incredible Connection

Dragon Age Inquisition

Update: Incredible Connection has added more stock to the site with very limited quantities. The prices should also scan the same price in-store, but that’s if you can still find a store that carries stock. Since this was first posted 3 months ago.

List of games:

You can collect online orders in store for free.

Limited stock available.

  • Silver King


  • shyguy_2046

    Ps4 games sold out

    • Silver King

      YOu will find them on Gumtree lol.

  • Adoxographist

    I think Saints row 4 is the only thing available.

  • shyguy_2046

    Actually can’t place in cart

    • That probably means it’s sold out now.

  • HookX87

    Sold out..

  • LightJak101

    Just got back from the Canal Walk branch, they still have most of these available. Got the two Lego games for PS4 and AC4 for XOne

    • Silver King

      So in store has the same sale?

      • LightJak101

        Yup, but the prices on the game boxes are still the old prices, they scan at the sale price

        • Silver King

          Thx. Need a PSVITA USB cable so I will go to them anyway.

    • Thanks for the confirmation!

  • Silver King

    In store has the same sale. I got Knack, Alien Isolation (PS4) and some PS3 games @R20 each.

    • Nice :). Think I’ll check out my local store tomorrow.

  • Ruan Blignaut

    Just got back from Incredible Connection
    Diablo 3 ROS also scans at R49

    • Rawler

      for ps4 or xbox one?

      • Marius Combrink

        it was for xb360

  • Rawler

    Phoned about 8 stores in joburg about stock on a bunch of games, and they are totally sold out. They said a few people placed orders for 30+ copies of each game. Bladdy resellers!

  • Silver King

    PS4 link is not working

    • Yeah they pulled the link. Apparently it was a price mistake.

      • Silver King

        A price mistake indeed. I did get more R19 games :-).

  • LightJak101

    Thanks! Just an add – Assassin’s Creed Rogue for PS3 is also R19

  • I got a call from the manager at the Pavilion branch saying that the PS4 games I ordered on click and collect were ready, and while she was on the line I asked her if they had any stock of the PS4 on special because the website had shown Pavilion branch as having “low stock” before the link stopped working, and she confirmed that the PS4 was a pricing error and the offer had been cancelled. I didn’t ask if the R19 games were pricing errors too, but they are honouring the orders of them.