Fallout 4 (PC) – R399 | CNA *Expired*



Fallout 4 (PC – Win)R399.90

Includes free shipping.

  • Dewald Maartens

    I noticed the R400 deal. Then tried to buy from them… First I need to reset my PW as they now use a new system. But, not to worry, this will take 24H. Three weeks later I am still waiting for the E-Mail I would have received. Mailed them, again a reply would take 24H. Days later I get a mail that they reset my PW and I can now buy of them. But no PW… Mailed them again, waited… Finally I just created a new acount and ordered of that. Now it remains to be seen if they will ship on release date. For this price you may try. All I am saying is: Good Luck!

    • If you need any more help just contact Nerisha Lakha on Twitter. She works for CNA and is always very helpful. https://twitter.com/NerishaLakha

      • Dewald Maartens

        Thanks Lonthor. I’ll keep her in mind in future. If CNA comes through, this is hands-down the best deal on F4 in RSA currently.

  • DewMaa

    Happy Happy news! I received my R400 Fallout 4 today! Whoopee! CNA even kicked in a Red Dawn Blu-Ray disc! I will Definitely keep an eye on CNA in future for my gaming needs. Well done CNA!

    • That’s great to hear :D.