Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4) – R369 | PlayStation Store *Expired*

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DRIVECLUB™ PlayStation®Plus Edition Full Game Upgrade

Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (PS4)R369


  • All 55 tracks from all 5 locations: Scotland, Canada, Norway, Chile and India.
  • All 50 vehicles: 7 Hot Hatch, 15 Sports, 15 Performance, 8 Super and 5 Hyper.
  • All 50 events in the offline single player Tour career mode.

This offer is exclusive to PlayStation Plus members.

  • Hiro

    wait, what ? how does this work ? how does this version differ from the “disc version” ?

    • They are exactly the same :). Only PS+ members can buy this edition though.

      If they had released the free PS+ edition, then you could upgrade to the full version for a much cheaper price.