CoD Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Need For Speed & Star Wars Battlefront (R499 each PS4/Xbox One) | Toys R Us *Expired*

Toys R Us Pre-order Special

Pre-order specials at Toys R Us:

This offer is only valid the 28/10/2015, between 12 pm – 2 pm.

Online orders only. Limited stock available (20 units for each game).

Check out the full ad here.

Update: The Toys R Us site is currently taking a hammering. According to the Toys R Us Twitter feed it will be back up soon. The sale has also been extended by 2 hours.

Update 2: All sold out. Congrats to those that got a copy. Toys R Us will be running the promotion again at a later date.

Toys R Us charges a R65 shipping fee to any location in SA.

  • Scienide

    lets see how this goes… but keen!!

    • Yeah. Hope they at least have more than 5 copies each :p.

      • aj_nator

        20 copies? :/ don’t like those chances..the site is probably gonna be down from tomorrow morning..
        Anyway, good luck everyone!

        • The site has been down pretty much the whole day.

  • Richard

    With shipping would have been a steal