1 Month Xbox Game Pass – R5 & 1 Month Xbox Live Gold – R15 | Xbox Store *Expired*

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Xbox Game Pass

1 Month Xbox Game PassR5

1 Month Xbox Live GoldR15

Get unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, for one low monthly price. Play a wide variety of games from exclusives like Halo, Gears of War and Fable to critically-acclaimed indie titles like Limbo. Discover and download titles you’ve always wanted to play or revisit favourites that you’ve been missing.

Note:Β This deal is only for users who are not currently subbed.

Offer ends the 05/01/2018.

  • v3rt1g0

    This is amazing. I wish this happens again in December. Never owned an Xbox One and getting an X in December.

    • MrYuuZA

      You lucky person you ^_^. Enjoy.

      Where will you leave your impressions? SAGamer Discord?SAGamer forum?Mybroadband :-P.

      Awesome deal this, hoping to grab that Game Pass πŸ™‚ .

      • v3rt1g0

        Thanks man. I didn’t actually consider that. Probably will now on SAGamer somewhere. XD

    • Michelle

      I hope you have lots of data and extra hard drives laying around.

      • v3rt1g0

        Afrihost free night data will have to save me. X_X
        Hopefully I can find some HDDs on Black Friday. =D

        • Michelle

          How much free data do you get?

          Having an Xbox One requires alot of data,like ALOT and hdd space, I have two 1TBs attached to my console.

          The Xbox One X apparently the games are nearly 3 times the size, so you have to get a really big hdd, i suggest 2TB or a 3TB.
          Seriously, like Halo 5 is already 100gig, image how big it’ll be on the X.

          What increases the games size is the constant updates and patches.

          • FoxOne

            Telkom SmartHome Unlimited is better. 360gb’s normal usage + Nightsurfer (12-7am).

          • Michelle

            Is that a fatpipe?

          • FoxOne

            It’s the all inclusive deals from 4mbps upwards https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/home/plan/fibre-uncapped-internet/

          • v3rt1g0

            It’s completely uncapped. Went up to 450GB+ usage only on free time once. Granted it will take a while to get the larger games’ updates (8mbps line). I can do about 22GB a night.

    • I guess your wish just came true.

      • v3rt1g0

        Haha. Yes it did. Now I don’t have to spend on LIVE. I can divert that R150 to part of a Chrismas gift. ^_^

  • Michelle

    How long will this deal last?Is it only for the month then afterwards its back to normal price?

    • Yeah it’s once off for a month. Then they charge you the normal rate.

  • ArkhamBean

    At R5 worth a try

  • Magdel Opperman

    Any Black Friday membership specials for existing subscribers out there?

    • Not at the moment. There could be a deal or two on Black Friday.

  • ArkhamBean

    Thanks Lonthor the sub I bought last month expired yesterday. Free games to be played once more πŸ˜€

    • Nice :). Definitely want to play through Recore DE with the Game Pass.

  • Guest

    The price stays at r159 when they ask for payment details. How do u go about getting it for r5.